Schools Challenge


The Vélo Schools 100 Challenge is coming to Essex!

Taking place throughout 2020, we are inviting school children from across the County to take inspiration from the riders participating in our 100-mile Vélo route on Sunday September 20, and each complete a 100-mile challenge of their own!

The challenge involves the pupils in your school individually cycling 100-miles in the months leading up to the event. Pupils can rack up those miles by cycling into school, at lunchtime, in PE lessons, on their way home or even during the school holidays. Your school can take on the challenge throughout the next 8 months, right up until the event weekend.

It’s free, easy, fun and brings with it all the well-known benefits of increased cycling activity, not only for the environment but also for the mental health and physical wellbeing of those taking part.

Simply fill in the registration form below and you will be sent a challenge resources pack which has everything you need to take part. This includes more information on the challenge, some printable Vélo Schools 100 Challenge certificates and a Vélo 100 route map and mileage tracker to help your pupils track those miles.

There are countless other ways your school can get involved and make the most of this exciting event coming to the region! Why not get creative and design some support signs to put up outside your school or organise a local cheer point near your school to show your support for participants taking on the challenge!

Find out more about the Vélo Schools 100 Challenge and sign up below!