Vélo Essex is set to be the biggest participation event in Essex’s history and there are countless ways you can get involved, enjoy a great day out and make the most of the celebratory atmosphere throughout the region! If you would like some ideas on how to give your business or community a boost, take a look at our Get Involved page.

We also have a Spectator page that will be updated closer to the event with key locations and hotspots to watch this exciting event unfold.

Vélo are encouraging schools across Essex to saddle up and take on a 100-mile challenge of their own! To find out more information or sign up to take part head to the Vélo Schools 100 Challenge page.

PLEASE NOTE: you may be affected by the road closures associated with Vélo Essex. To find out which roads will be closed across the region head to our Road Closure page. We also have some Road Closure FAQs, which should help you to plan ahead. These pages will be updated in the lead up to the event to provide you with as much information as possible.

If you have a question about the event or road closures, please email route@veloessex.com.